Techno stalwart Richie Hawtin—who we just sat down with for a quick interview at last week’s EM15 festival—has been involved in a number or projects over the years, but perhaps none is more beloved—and influential—than his work as Plastikman. And though recent years have seen Hawtin revive the moniker for a series of live shows, there hasn’t been a new Plastikman full-length since 2003—until now. Earlier today, Hawtin announced the impending arrival of a new Plastikman LP, which is simply titled EX. Slated for digital release on June 10 via Mute, the album will also be issued on vinyl, CD, and what’s being called a limited-edition bundle on July 15.

As it turns out, EX was actually recorded last year during a performance at New York’s Guggenheim museum, in which Hawtin was invited to perform by Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons at the institution’s annual fundraiser. As Hawtin explains, “I knew that Raf was a long time Plastikman fan so by accepting his offer to perform at the Dior event at the Guggenheim I knew I’d set myself up to a huge challenge. Although Raf was happy to have the already complete Plastikman Live 1.5 show, I locked myself away in a series of intense studio sessions and quickly recorded enough new material for the performance and realized I might also have enough for a complete new album.” He goes on to explain that the Guggenheim space itself was particularly inspiring. “The location also allowed me to step far away from the dancefloor, giving me a huge amount of freedom to EXplore any sonic ideas that I had,” he says. “Art, music, architecture, painting, sculpture—these mediums are supposed to live together.”

The EX artwork has yet to be released, but the complete tracklist has been revealed; we’ve posted it below, along with a video teaser for the LP that has been shared online. Ahead of the album’s release, Hawtin will be doing his only Plastikman performance of the year at the Sónar festival in Barcelona, which takes place next week.

EX tracklist:
01 EXposed
02 EXtend
03 EXpand
04 EXtrude
05 EXplore
06 EXpire
07 EXhale