Richie Hawtin will release a new Plastikman album in collaboration with Grammy-nominated composer, pianist, and vocalist Chilly Gonzales.

Consumed In Key is a reworking of Plastikman’s 1998 album, Consumed. The project began to take form when Gonzales heard the original album for the first time, around its 20th anniversary, in 2018. Interested by the loose use of melody and unique time structure and flow, he set about creating piano-led counterparts to the tracks. “To hear Consumed, to hear the freedom in how it was made, and to hear the confidence within which it stands behind so few elements was almost like a threat I had to respond to,” Gonzales said in a statement.

A bunch of these demos were sent to Tiga, who recommended that Gonzalez contact Hawtin to see if a “sonic conversation” was possible. The new version sees “one composer instinctively reacting to, and finding space within, another composer’s already completed work,” we’re told, and it’s “not a remix.”

As with the original, Consumed In Key features 10 tracks of atmospheric techno but it also includes new piano pieces composed by Gonzalez. The album lands on Turbo Recordings, and label boss Tiga is credited as an Executive Producer.

The artwork is a reinterpretation of the original album’s, flipped to black and white and with the cutout size transposed to the exact dimensions of a piano key.


01. Contain (In Key)
02. Consume (In Key)
03. Passage (In Key)
04. Cor Ten (In Key)
05. Ekko (In Key)
06. Converge (In Key)
07. Locomotion (In Key)
08. In Side (In Key)
09. Consumed (In Key)
10. Passage Out (In Key)

Consumed In Key LP is scheduled for April 1 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Contain (In Key)” in full below and pre-order here.