Stockholm skwee-man Rigas den Andre shared this self-proclaimed “no-budget video” for the rework of his Guilty Feet, No Rhythm number “W.A.S.P. (What’s Your Poison?).” The bouncing track kicks into full-gear from the onset, and doesn’t let up the smooth grooves until its three minutes are up. For the video, bandleader Henrik von Euler corralled his friends (a.k.a. The Rigettes) into a nondescript park, and asked them to dance about onstage while pretending to play instruments amusingly incongruous with the track itself. It’s playful and lighthearted, to be sure, and pretty refreshing to just see a good group of friends drop the usual ‘we’re in a band’ seriousness and just be silly. What makes the whole thing even sweeter is that you can download the remix for free, here.