RIONEGRO is the debut album from a trio of Cómeme all-stars (Matias Aguayo, Sano, and Gladkazuka), with the three joining forces for a session of nocturnal tropical psychedelia. The LP was recorded in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia, and was finished in the District Union (Aguayo’s studio) in Berlin.

The project’s musical spirit was initiated by Sano, who played the rhythms of salsa, descarga, boogaloo, merengue, etc., utitilizing the machines of today. Recordings were made during long lasting, late-night jams, in-and-around the house (that’s why you can sometimes hear barking dogs and other background noises on the record).

RIONEGRO is scheduled for an October 30 release.


A1. Lugareña

A2. Negro Empelota

B1. Carruseles

B2. Amazonas

B3. Perro Negro

C1. Llegó El Don

C2. Merecumbé

C3. Mojada

D1. La Descarga

D2. El Byron