We know Netherlands-based label Clone for releases from the likes of Dexter, Alden Tyrell, and Legowelt. Sadly, future generations of music heads will not be seeing any new material from this label, as Clone recently announced it will be closing its doors.

Founded by DJ Serge in the late ’90s, the label championed a Dutch music scene that catered to fans of techno, disco, Italo, and what’s often been called “sci-fi electro,” as well as starting a re-issue imprint dubbed Clone Classic Cuts.

From a recent press release:

“After running the label since 1993/94 we recently noticed that we were going to repeat ourselves… there is not much we haven’t touched in our field, from very ‘obscure’ records to ‘underground’ dance floor hits that got big festival crowds and Balearic holiday ravers moving. So what is there left to do? Basically there is no challenge at this moment. We can continue releasing everything we like (from people we like) without a marketing strategy and without a potential buyers [sic] in mind as we used to do, but we already did so for many years.”

Clone has two remaining releases in the queue, from I-f and Marco Bernardi, and has also said it will continue with Clone Classic Cuts.