Ripperton has shared a serene new ambient mix, compiled for XLR8R ahead of his performance at this year’s Caprices Festival.

Ripperton is the alias of Raphaël Ripperton, a Swiss DJ-producer whose solo work has landed on Perspectiv, Green, and, most recently, ESP Institute, where he dropped an entirely beatless album, titled Sight Seeing. Away from this, he’s featured in a slew of collaborations through the years, such as Soul Merge, Lazy Fat People, and Roots Panorama, releasing soul, disco, ambient, and even indie-oriented along the way. When he’s not in the studio, you can find him pushing melodic yet minimal techno, but for this mix he’s opted to reflect upon his recent ESP Institute album and compile 70 minutes of serene, beatless bliss. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below.

When and where was the mix recorded?

The last couple of weeks in Lausanne, in between my atelier and home. The selection was made around snow, blizzard, and a mysterious sunny breakthrough.

On what equipment did you record the mix?

I recorded some vinyls, browsed some dusty hard drives and melted them all together (while having some Swiss red wine and a few chocolate biscuits) into a thing called recorder.

Was there a particular idea you were looking to convey?

I wanted to do a mix that followed my “beatless” album on ESP Institute, and so I did it with that Sight Seeing feeling in my mind. It includes what I’m used to listening in my kitchen in the morning while the coffee is spreading its magic smell. I hope you’re gonna discover some hidden gems from those magicians.

What’s coming up on the release front?

As I’m not really gonna make a living out of beatless music I guess, I’ve made some “club-friendly orientated” remixes for my friend Jimi Jules, the late Romanthony, and I’m working on something for Compost right now. I’ve also got a few singles coming up including one EP with an excellent remix by the fantastic UK band Vessels. On the label side of things, we will release a brilliant LP by Iron Curtis within the next few months on Tamed Musiq.


01. Meredith Monk “Dark-Light 2”
02. Loscil “Lucioles”
03. Ondo Fudd “Blue dot”
04. BV dub “06.06”
05. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel “Ballade for a Snow Moon” (extract)
06. Lovesliescrushing “Ghost Colored”
07. Sophia Loizou “The Voices of Time”
08. Steve Roach “Structures from Silence” (Extract)
09. Terekke “arrpfaded”
10. Thomas Ragsdale “Newlands Valley”
11. Benoît Pioulard “IX”
12. Yagya “Snowflakes 06”
13. Monic “Deep Summer” (Burial remix)
14. Anthony Rother “Cirklon Vally”
15. Aphex Twin “Rhubarb’ (Somfay Cover)

Ripperton will perform at Caprices Festival 2018 alongside Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, and more. This year’s edition takes place from April 12 to 15 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, with more information here