Following the success of his widely-acclaimed album, The Elvin Jones Project (2012), Michael Feinberg is gearing up to release his brand new album, Whatever Possessed Me, on March 23.

Whatever Possessed Me is said to demonstrate everything Feinberg loves about jazz. It’s described as “eclectic yet specific,” swinging yet searching, deep and rich, but all the while full of emotion, spirituality, and conversation between brothers. On it, Feinberg showcases the mature sound he has already cultivated during his short time on the New York City jazz scene. As a bassist, he exemplifies total control and comfort with his craft. As a bandleader, he pushes himself and his quartet sound to dizzying heights, playing with rhythms and textures. The result is something that is at once both polished and edgy.

The album also serves as a journey through some of his biggest influences. It includes selections from icons such as John Coltrane (“Compassion”) and Thad Jones (the dynamic “Lycra, Too?” features Grammy award-winning tenor saxophonist, Kebbi Williams).


01. Compassion (Live in NYC)
02. Crescent
03. Lycra, Too?
04. Mr. Syms
05. Whatever Possessed Me
06. Meditation
07. Sweet Mama (Live in NYC)
08. Mr. Syms (Live in NYC)
09. I Want To Talk About You (Live in NYC)

Whatever Possessed Me LP will land on March 23.