Photo: Dan Medhurst

Ryan Lee West, better known as Rival Consoles, will release a new album on Erased Tapes.

Now Is marks a new chapter in the London artist’s ongoing quest for refinement and evolution. We’re told that it’s “more playful and melodic” than his previous albums.

Across 11 new tracks, West creates driving, experimental electronic music that makes synthesisers sound human. It’s an experimentation in minimalist songwriting, blending synthesisers with acoustic instruments. 

“There are some pieces that are influenced quite strongly by the isolation and anxiety of these times,” West says. “There are also pieces which are more optimistic and vibrant, which I think is a consistent attitude of my records, as I want art to express many aspects of life.”

Last year, West released Overflow, which explored themes of the human and emotional consequences of life surrounded by advancing social media. His consistent desire is to create a more organic, living sound by forming pieces that capture a sense of songwriting behind the machines.

You can read more about West’s work in his XLR8R interview here.


01. Beginnings
02. World Turns
03. Eventually
04. Frontiers
05. Vision of Self
06. Now Is
07. Echoes
08. Running
09. The Fade
10. A Warning
11. Quiet Home

Now Is LP is scheduled for October 14 release. Meanwhile, you can stream the title-track below, and pre-order here.