The prolific German DJ/producer known as Robag Wruhme (a.k.a. Gabor Schablitzki, half of Wighnomy Brothers) is about make another addition to his extensive discography. Next year, Kompakt will release Wuppdeckmischmampflow, a brand-new mix album which is, as the press release states, “a very intimate, wonderful piece of music that Robag needed to share with us.” The release is said to have 14 tracks, but many of those tracks seem to be made up of two or more tunes, likely blended together in a most loving fashion. Included on Wuppdeckmischmampflow are songs from the likes of Four Tet, Moderat, Ricardo Villalobos, Claro Intelecto, Audion, Tiefschwarz, and Wruhme himself, among many others. You can check out the cover art and full track list before the mix drops on January 17, below.

01 Danny Norbury : Speak, Memory
02 Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts : Odyssee – Trentemøller : Chameleon – Robag Smapelschatull
03 Ricardo Villalobos : Dexter – Robag Wruhme : Freggelswuff – Robag Smapelschatull
04 Tiefschwarz feat. Seth Troxler : Trust (Audion Remix) – Ricardo Villalobos : Dexter
05 Kollektiv Turmstrasse : Dead Room – Tiefschwarz feat. Seth Troxler : Trust (Audion RMX) – Ricardo Villalobos : Dexter – Robag Smapelschatull
06 Ch̢teau Flight : Cosmic Race РRobag Smapelschatull
07 Moderat : Rusty Nails – Robag Smapelschatull
08 Claro Intelecto : Hunt You Down – MRI : Acid
09 WhoMadeWho : Keep Me in my Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub) – Claro Intelecto : Hunt You Down – Robag Smapelschatull
10 Four Tet : Angel Echoes – Robag Smapelschatull
11 Voom Voom : Best Friend (Henrik Schwarz Mix) – Robag Smapelschatull
12 Robag Wruhme : Robellada
13 Ian Simmonds : Kon1 (Krause Duo RMX)
14 Zwanie Jonson : Sweater Day / Shelter – Robag Smapelschatull