2014 has seen pioneering Detroit DJ/producer Robert Hood celebrate the 20th anniversary of his M-Plant label with a slew of releases which revisited, re-edited, and remixed classic cuts from the label’s back catalog (he also sat down for a 20 Questions session with us earlier this year). Now, Hood has unveiled his most ambitious plans yet to mark his label’s two-decade run, unveiling the forthcoming three-disc M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant compilation, which is said to collect “essential Hood moments from the vast M-Plant back catalog, alongside a hoard of new, re-mastered, and unreleased material.”

M-Print is more than a compilation,” Hood explains in a press release, “I wanted it to flow like a River of Living Water instead of just a flashback. It represents the unfolding of a dream, it represents passion and determination to make something out of nothing. It’s like planting a seed in the ground and watching it grow over time into a beautiful tree.” As such, the upcoming collection has been split into three separate parts, with its first disc exploring “the imprint’s formative years and the golden age of Hood’s minimal approach,” while disc two focuses on “M-Plant material from the last five years and the re-birth of his Floorplan alias.” Lastly, the comp’s third disc is said to take shape as “a statement of intent that looks to the future of M-Plant whilst never losing sight of its past… new and unreleased tracks, re-edits, and remixes tap into classic and contemporary Hood themes.”

The 33-track M-Print compilation is set to see its release just before the year comes to a close, on December 8. In the meantime, Hood will also be reissuing (in both digital and vinyl forms) two EPs from his label’s catalog, the Protein Valve EP (originally released in 1994) and the Moveable Parts Chapter 1 EP (originally released in 1995); the EPs will see a release on October 13 and November 3, respectively. Ahead of all that, the full tracklist for M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant and both forthcoming reissues have been included below.

1. The Grey Area (Moveable Parts Chapter 2, 1997)
2. Untitled 1 (Moveable Parts Chapter 1, 1995)
3. The Rhythm of Vision (Minimal Nation, 1994)
4. Protein Valve 1 (The Protein Valve, 1994)
5. Stereotype (Stereotype, 1998)
6. Realm (as ‘Monobox’ – Realm, 1996)
7. The Pace (Minimal Nation, 1994)
8. Untitled Sketch (Moveable Parts Chapter 1, 1995)
9. Unix (Minimal Nation, 1994)
10. Minus (Internal Empire, 1994)
11. The Greatest Dancer (The Greatest Dancer, 2001)

1. Dancer (Remix) (unreleased)
2. Power To Prophet (Power to Prophet, 2010)
3. We Magnify His Name (as ‘Floorplan’ – Sanctified, 2010)
4. Superman (Superman/Range, 2009)
5. Alpha (Alpha/Omega, 2010)
6. Eleven (Eleven/Alarm, 2011)
7. Baby, Baby (as ‘Floorplan’ – Sanctified, 2011)
8. The Family (Alpha/The Family, 2011)
9. Range (Superman/Range, 2009)
10. Never Grow Old (as ‘Floorplan’ Paradise, 2013)

1. Exturnus Oblique (Re-Plant) (previously unreleased mix)
2. A.M. Track (The Protein Valve 1, 1994)
3. Arrows (edit) (unreleased)
4. Untitled 4 (Moveable Parts Chapter 1, 1995)
5. Monkey (unreleased)
6. The Family (Re-Plant) (previously unreleased mix)
7. Minus (edit) (previously unreleased mix)
8. Analog Track (Ghost) (exclusive to Perpetual Masters: Protein Valve EP, 2014)
9. Who Taught You Math (Alt. Mix) (previously unreleased mix)
10. Protein Valve 1 (Re-Plant) (Protein Valve Edits EP, 2014)
11. Full Armor (unreleased)
12. Minimal Minded (unreleased)

Protein Valve EP
1. Protein Valve 1
2. Analog Track (Ghost)
3. Protein Valve 2
4. A.M. Track

Moveable Parts Chapter 1 EP
1. Untitled 1
2. Untitled 4
3. Untitled Sketch