Charlton Heston and techno: Two words that, until recently, would not have been associated with one another. Yet, nevertheless, minimal techno originator Robert Hood (who was featured on XLR8R‘s cover last year) managed to make the connection with last year’s stunning Omega—a musical transliteration of the post-apocalyptic 1971 thriller, The Omega Man, starring Charlton Heston. Now, Hood returns with the imminent release of Omega: Alive, on his own M-Plant label, an album that captures the Omega live experience. Featuring raw and alternate versions of the album’s now classic cuts, Omega: Alive extends the story that Hood has created. The album won’t drop until June 20, but you can check out the tracklist and album art below.

1. Bells At Dusk
2. Run
3. Alpha: Alive
4. Omega: Alive
5. Minimal, Minimal
6. Who Taught You Math?: Alive
7. Unix: Alive
8. Side Effect: Alive
9. Minus: Alive


10. Alpha – James Ruskin Remix (from M.PM11)
11. The Family (from M.PM11)
12. Atomic (unreleased)

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