Veteran minimal techno producer Robert Hood has readied his first album to be released since 2009’s reissue of his 1994 classic, Minimal Nation. Based on the 1971 film of The Omega Man, Hood’s new record, entitled Omega, takes not only musical inspiration from the old sci-fi flick, but also its themes of a dystopian future. The techno icon explained his take on the film, saying, “It’s definitely metaphoric, and if we don’t heed the signs, this is where we’ll end up. We live in a society where we just consume. We just take. We don’t operate on the concept of giving.” Hood also went so far to compare the world in The Omega Man to the state of his former hometown of Detroit, “You had abandoned buildings during the crack epidemic and this progressive city had these ‘zombies’ walking the street. Detroit is a prophetic vision of the sign of things to come.” Omega illustrates his worldview in song titles like “Towns That Disappear Completely” and “The Plague (Cleaning Maneuvers),” in addition to Hood’s haunting, stripped-down production. A world tour will coincide with the release of Omega via M-Plant on June 21. Check out those dates, and the album artwork below.

14: Uruguay
15: Buenos Aires, Argentina,
30: Movement Festival, Detroit, USA

4: Sub Club, Glasgow, Scotland
5: Free Your Mind Festival, Holland
11: Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt, Germany
12: Berghain, Berlin, Germany
17: ‘Omega’ album launch Sonar / Nitsa, Barcelona, Spain
18: Trouw, Amsterdam, Holland
19: M-Plant label night @ Fabric, London, England
25: Geisha, Perth, Australia
26: The Civic Undergrond, Sydney, Australia

2: The Likes Of You @ Brown Alley, Melbourne, Australia
3: Bar Soma, Brisbane, Australia
10: Source Festival, Utrecht, Holland
24: Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

6: Sub Scape @ Cafe Capital, Antwerp, Belgium
7: Aquasella Festival, Spain
27: Taipei, Taiwan
28: Tokyo, Japan

3: Beijing, China
4: Void @ the Shelter, Shanghai, China