Singer, producer, DJ, and house music legend Robert Owens is set to expand further on his 20-plus-year career with a brand-new album of soulful dance music adorned with his iconic voice. The 19-track double-disc album entitled Art will be released on October 8 via Germany’s Compost label. Along with Owens vocal work, the record features production from long-time collaborators Larry Heard, Atjazz, Show-B, and Beanfield, and is split between two ‘Vaults’: The first contains more somber and slowed-down tunes, while the second focuses on Owens’ “history in the old and new school vein.” You can check out Art‘s full tracklist and artwork before it’s released, below.

Vault 1
01. Pipe Dreams
02. Black Diamond
03. One Love
04. Hearts and Soul
05. Reach Inside
06. Wonderful
07. Counting Blessings
08. Art
09. Sacrifice
10. Same Old Thing

Vault 2
01. Rise
02. Unique
03. Be Your Own Hero
04. Ancestral History
05. It Takes Me High
06. Exhale and Breath
07. Step Inside the Moment
08. Moments
09. Cherish Your Love