roBOt Festival has announced the fourth and perhaps final wave of acts scheduled for this year’s eighth edition which expands with 10 new artists.

One performance that stands out immediately from the list is the live-set by Siriusmodeselektor. With their participation in roBOt Festival, they will be closing their world tour offering the audience a final opportunity to attend one of their widely acclaimed live sets. The project brings together Siriusmo and Modeselektor, accompanied by the visual artist Pfadfinderei.

Among the national premieres are two live-sets, one by Prostitutes, the stage name of James Donadio, and the other by the Italian Chevel. Also added to the line-up is Koreless, an artist who lives music as a journey and who presents his new live-set. Italian Yakamoto Kotzuga will also be presenting his new album at roBOt Festival.

Among the DJ-sets are Rabit, a rising star of the Tri Angle team and two more Italian DJ sets: Populous and DJ Khalab.

Within this fourth wave, the Red Bull Music Academy presents two artists: the live-set of the Italian Bienoise and The Martinez Brothers.

The 8th edition of RoBOt Festival will take place in Bologna, Italy from October 7 – October 10, with a concert preview at Teatro Comunale di Bologna on September 20.

More information, including the full line-up to date, can be found on the festival’s official website.