Jacktone welcomes back Roche this month for a three-part digital-only single series titled Integral Synthesia Sessions.

The Bay Area artist, real name Ben Winans, previously released on Jacktone in 2015 with the AXT 12″, but has focused more recently on material for 100% Silk, Mathematics, Perfect Location Recordings, Hobo Camp, and the newly formed Vinyl Dreams Records.

Integral Synthesia Sessions was recorded over the past decade at Roche‚Äôs home studio in San Francisco, and is a collection of meticulously-carved singular experiences of sound. We understand that it “creates a hallucinatory narrative, as well as a personal soundtrack to the moments that make up one’s life and remind us of our connection to the rest of the world.” 

Each release contains two tracks, with Winans exploring a range of emotion and sonic content, upbeat salutes to his hip-hop past, patient and meditative sound worlds, as well as intense and anthemic waves of bass and percussion.

Jacktone Records is run by Doc Sleep and Darren Cutlip, and has been fostering electronic musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond since 2013. 

The first single in the series will be released April 16, with clips of the entire series below. 

(Artwork will be added in due course.)


Integral Synthesia Sessions Vol. I

01. Heartbeat (Lost and Found Mix)

02. Internal Forest Bathing

Integral Synthesia Sessions Vol. II

01. Burning Of The Laurels

02. Embrace 

Integral Synthesia Sessions Vol. III

01. Aphotic Breakthrough

02. A Future With No Robots