Hip-hop has cycled through many phases in the last 30 years. There have been tight pant-laden MCs rhyming over disco breaks, the segregation of West vs. East Coast rap during the ’90s, the rise of the South, and more violent controversy than could even be associated with black metal. But throughout, one collective has maintained the purity of hip-hop’s four elements (DJing, breaking, graff, and of course, MCing)–Rock Steady Crew.

In celebration of the crew’s purist legacy, past and present members are holding a 30th anniversary party over the course of July 23-29.

Featuring days and nights filled with panel discussions on hip-hop’s progression (or lack thereof), an insane b-boy/b-girl break battle, a graffiti and photo exhibition, and a massive outdoor concert featuring Keith Murray (post-incarceration), EPMD, Biz Markie, and Planet Asia, the party invades the city for a hip-hop July.

Check the Rock Steady Crew site for the complete line-up.