Following on from the recent announcements of the TB-03, TR-09, and VP-03, Roland is set to soon release a new System-8 polyphonic synth and a 909-themed turntable and DJ mixer.

The latest member of Roland’s Aira line, and powered by a digital Analog Circuit Behaviour engine, the System 8 is packed full of features—including the ability to add and control multiple synth profiles at once. The three oscillators run through an option of six filter models and can host up to three of Roland’s Plug-Out software synthesisers. Users can add the sounds from the company’s library of instruments. The System-8 also comes with the Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 plug-outs that can be played without any additional hardware—arguably the most enticing aspect of the product. There are also additional synth plug-outs (including the SH-2, SH-101 and PROMARS) available for purchase.

In addition to this, the System-8 has a 64-step TR-style sequencer, arpeggio with quick access buttons, chord memory, CV/GATE outputs, and a vocoder. It is also polyphonic and supports eight voices via the velocity-enabled keys. CV and gate outputs ease communication with analog hardware and Eurorack modules. A video introduction to the System-8 is available to stream below.

Coming also is the TT-99, a 909-themed turntable and DJ mixer. The TT-99 turntable is a direct drive design with a built-in phono preamp and a wow and flutter spec of 0.15 % or less. The DJ-99 mixer is a two-channel, three-band model with dedicated DVS in and outputs.


System-8: $1499
TT-99: $349
DJ-99: $280

Release dates for each product remain unknown.