Taking influence from music, art and culture from across the globe, Roland Klinkenberg’s organic approach to the creative process is a superbly unique one. Over his 25-year musical journey, Klinkenberg has a production catalogue that translates to more than over one hundred releases.

His next release is Construct, a blissful 12-track LP which serves as a culmination of all the sounds that Roland Klinkenberg has explored over his highly-experimental and wonderfully innovative musical career to date.

Construct is scheduled for release on June 22 on Joris Voorn and Edin Oosterwal‘s Green Label.

With this news comes a stream of ‘Musicalife,’ a track that captivates the warmer, soulful element for the album.

1. Departures
2. Yani (Album Version)
3. L’esprit de l’escalier
4. Rise
5. Neversleeps
6. Construct #6
7. Nuages
8. Together
9. Construct #1
10. Construct #7
11. Musicalife
12. Construct #4