When we made a quick stopover in Stockholm, Sweden a few weeks back, we got to meet up with producer Peder Mannerfelt (of the Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid production team). We chatted a bit about his studio with work Blonde Redhead, Fever Ray, and Glasser (which you’ll get to check out in an upcoming issue of XLR8R), but he also tipped us to his other side-project, the motorik, Kraut-influenced duo Roll the Dice, with friend Malcolm Pardon. Today they’ve announced here first that their Live In Gothenburg – August 7, 2010 EP will feature 15-minute versions of two tracks from their self-titled debut last year, recorded, as you’ve already gathered, live in Gothenburg last year.

To promote the Record Store Day exclusive release, the band has also put together a minimalist-rock miasma of a mixtape for fans to enjoy for free, and it’s embedded below. Of the mix, Pardon comments: “We felt we would like to have the same approach choosing tracks for the mixtape as we do in the studio… Basically trying to improvise, and let one thing lead to another. Sometimes this makes the shift from one track to another very organic and makes perfect sense…and sometimes the transitions are more abrupt.” In the mix, entitled This is How We Roll, you’ll find everything from Lou Reed to Zola Jesus to Mike Dehnert to ODB. Check it out, along with the tracklist, below, and then snag Live In Gothenburg – August 7, 2010 when it’s released on April 16, in both vinyl and digital formats via The Leaf Label.

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This is How We Roll tracklist
1. Tsegué-Maryam Guébrou/Mothers Love
2. Spiritualized/Electric Mainline
3. Jonny Greenwood/Proven Lands
4. D.A.F/Absolute Körperkontrolle
5. Lou Reed/The Bed
6. Daniele Lombardi/Gorgogliatore
7. Mike Dehnert/Outro
8. Beach House/10 Mile Stereo
9. Tangerine Dream/Dr.Destructo
10. Pino Donaggio/Bucket Of Blood
11. FIRE!/You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago
12. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions/Bavarian Fruit Bread
13. Zola Jesus/I Can´t Stand
14. Giorgio Moroder/The Apartment
15. Ol’ Dirty Bastard/Shimmy Shimmy Ya
16. Talking Heads/Listening Wind
17. Ralph Stanley/O Death
18. Ø/Twin Bleeps

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