Roman Flügel has mixed fabric 95.

The veteran German’s contribution to the series features 22 cuts from the likes of Red Rack’emTuff City Kids, and Randomer. Flügel also included some of his own work, including “RoRic,” a track released in collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos as RiRom. There’s also his rework of Lawrence.

The mix comes more than a decade after he first appeared at the club and fabric 95 “champions the sound that Roman Flügel has explored in various forms since the early years: abstract, idiosyncratic and tense at times, but ultimately warm and inviting,” the label explains. “It’s supposed to be a little dance music adventure,” Flügel adds.

The 22-track release follows on from Steffi’s contribution, which landed in June.


01. Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV “White Sky”
02. RiRom “RoRic”
03. Tuff City Kids feat. Joe Goddard “Tell Me” (Benjamin Fröhlich Long Journey Remix)
04. Roman Flügel “Troubled Mind”
05. Koehler “Oblivious Pool” (Invisible Dub)
06. Ishi Vu “Lucid Dream”
07. Pale Blue “Comes Home” (Pional Remix)
08. Lawrence “Clouds And Arrows” (Roman Flügel Remix)
09. Two Of A Kind “Like This”
10. Eamon Harkin “Are You Listening?”
11. Red Rack’em “Mad House”
12. El Kid “Kachinja”
13. Lanark Artefax “Touch Absence” (Intimidating Stillness Mix)
14. Randomer “Juju”
15. Rebolledo “Want” (Danny Daze & Shokh’s Fears Come Dub)
16. DJ Normal 4 “Hu Strike” feat. F.B. Wibe
17. Karma “Cha”
18. Ghost Culture “Perseus”
19. Fetnat “Marbrahh”
20. Solitary Dancer “Birth Of Saturn”
21. Bartellow “Amnesia”
22. D.H.S. “Fascinating”

fabric 95 is scheduled for October 13 release.