Roman Flügel will release his third solo album on Dial later this year.

All The Right Noises looks set to veer away from the Frankfurt native’s recent stream of club-ready material into more ambient, experimental realms. According to Dial, it is a record which “spreads gentle minor tones and the bass drum kicks rarely.” The producer himself explains that “the studio work is a welcome alternation from my DJ sets during the weekends. This time the opposition even goes so far, that I partially bypass obvious beats and even the classic 4/4 scheme is often avoided.”

It is the latest in an ever-expanding list of releases by Flügel on Dial: aside from 2011’s Fatty Folders and 2014’s Happiness is Happening LPs, he has also been behind several EPs for them.


01. Fantasy
02. The Mighty Suns
03. Dead Idols
04. Nameless Lake
05. Warm And Dewy
06. Dust
07. Believers
08. All The Right Noises
09. Planet Zorg
10. Life Tends To Come And Go

All The Right Noises is due out October 28.