Romania’s Misbits Record Store will launch its label arm on July 30 with a 13-track various artist EP.

Situated on a quiet residential street in Bucharest, Misbits was opened in 2013 by Parlog Ioana (a.k.a. Miss I) as a space where like-minded people could come and listen to music, socialize, and relax—as Miss I states: “It’s a place where friends can listen and enjoy good records like we did in my old room.” Over the years, the space has attracted the best electronic music talent in Romania and globally to find music, play sets, and host events, and is now seen as an integral part of the Romanian electronic music community.

The idea behind Misbits Recordings was spawned in the studio where Miss I and her colleague Cosmin Dumitru (a.k.a. Momentdat)  have been making ambient music for some time. They curated an event in April to coincide with the launch of the release—an immersive concept that brought the music closer to the listener. After the success of the event, the first release, a VA EP titled The Emerald, was conceived, featuring three tracks on side A and 10 locked grooves on side B from Romeo Poirier, Boris Hegenbart, David Moss (a.k.a. duo-mono-lith), Christopher James Chaplin, Samuel Damiany & Pierre Marty (a.k.a. Shōen 荘園), Maria Balabas cu Punct8, and Parlog Ioana and Dumitru-Radu Cosmin (a.k.a. Smooth Operators). 

The Emerald is set for release on July 30, with presales up now on Misbits, Decks, Deejay, and Juno