Romare, born Archie Fairhurst, will release Fantasy, a new album, in November.

Across 10 new tracks, Fantasy takes a more abstract approach to sampling than Fairhurst’s previous work, including 2020’s Home and 2015’s Projections, both on London label Ninja Tune. It brings his own instrumentation and vocals to the fore, while folding in elements from 1970s fantasy cinema into his distinctive strain of rhythmic, off-centre electronica.

“The samples come more from film on this record, and the influence of Medieval music can be heard in some of the songs,” Fairhurst tells XLR8R. “I enjoyed listening to the band Gryphon at one point while making the album and was inspired by the otherworldly instruments they used in their recordings. There is something spooky about combining film samples with sounds of popular instruments from the past.”

The original inspiration for Fantasy came from long country walks, and it’s dedicated to Fairhurst’s father. It will be available on his newly minted label, You See. 


01. Quiet Corners of My Mind
02. Priestess
03. Walking in the Rain
04. Dungeon
05. Seventh Seal
06. Arthur
07. Sunset
08. The Fool
09. Pot Of Gold
10. A Hold

Fantasy LP is scheduled for November 4 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Quiet Corners of My Mind” and “Walking in the Rain” in full below. Pre-order is available here.