Romare will release his new album, Home, in July.

Home is the third album Romare, real name Archie Fairhurst, has put out on Ninja Tune, and his first since 2016’s Love Songs: Part Two. It marks a new chapter in his life, with a move out of London to the countryside and starting a family, which has “given me peace and quiet,” he comments.

In contrast to the themes of love and romance on Love Songs: Part Two, Home explores spirituality, identity, and belonging. “Identity and a sense of belonging is something I’ve been searching for more since becoming a father,” he explains, “growing up I was always around lots of people from different backgrounds, my own identity sometimes felt lost.”

The album sees Fairhurst pulling from the more unusual records in his collection for inspiration, delving into American gospel and traditional Irish folk through to country, religious hymns, and classical. He also moved away from sample-based music, developing his use of instruments and experimenting with different tools, old and new. These include a vintage organ he found in a local charity shop, his dad’s old 12-string guitar, and his childhood drum kit from the ’90s.


01. Gone
02. Dreams
03. Sunshine
04. The River
05. Deliverance
06. High
07. You See
08. Heaven
09. Home

Home LP is out on vinyl and digitally on July 31 via Ninja Tune. Meanwhile, you can stream “Sunshine” below and pre-order here.