Kent Lambert (a.k.a. Roommate) starts 2007 in much the same way he left 2006, when he released Songs The Animals Taught Us. That album was packed with pointed lyrics on profiteers, the economy, the plight of the middle class, and other such ailments of the modern age, and his forthcoming digital-only EP, New Steam, simply picks up where Songs ended.

Don’t write him off as another angry artist on a political soapbox, though. Lambert also takes great pains to craft the music itself–from the electronic flourishes to the down-home instrumentation–in evocative compositions, incorporating shades of Neil Young, Xiu Xiu, and Dntel into his own moody musical structures.

Snippets of the EP will be available via the Plug Research Podcast on Tuesday February 6. You can also hear the track “New Stream” in its entirety here.

The New Stream EP is out in digital format only February 27, 2007 on Plug Research.

Jennifer Marston

Photo by Haley Murphy.