Kent Lambert and his Roommate project will soon release another full-length, much to the delight of those who enjoy the band’s ├╝ber-eclectic hybrids of organic and electronic tracks.

We Were Enchanted, which follows the much-respected Songs the Animals Taught Us, finds the Chicago-based outfit experimenting with down-home acoustics, disjointed, electronic rhythms, and a few deep thematic issues aimed at the times in which we live. Plug Research will release the album on April 15.

Those in Chicago can bookmark April 19 and head out to the album release party. According to the band’s MySpace page, a full tour will follow.

1. Day After
2. We Were Enchanted
3. Way Out
4. New Steam
5. Tea Leaves
6. Last Dreams of Summer
7. Night
8. Isn’t Radio

Photo by Sarah Gross.