Rose Bonica has shared a lyric video for “I’m Sorry I Forgot What I Said,” available now.

“I’m Sorry I Forgot What I Said” forms part of Tears for the Tea Maker, Rose Bonica’s upcoming debut album. The album is a culmination of two years’ introspection, experiences, and music production.

With her raw and infectious releases, Bonica, real name Natalie-Rose Perel, has made a name for herself in the South African music world and now internationally. She’s launched Roses Are Red, one of the few female-owned labels in South Africa. Her previous work has come on Wet Dreams Recordings, in Johannesburg.


01. Dear in the Headlights
02. I Have Nothing to Stress About
03. I’m Ready but They Don’t Want Me
04. Destitute
05. Don’t Tell Me How to Live My Life
06. Your Mother Never Taught You Manners
07. What Have You Done with My Ocean Eyes
08. Tears for the Tea Maker
09. I’m Sorry I Forgot What I Said 05:33 video
10. Deathface
11. Are My Cries Worth the Crystal
12. Don’t Always Have to Make Them Dance
13. Tropical Tears (Bonus Track)

In support of the album, you can stream “I’m Sorry I Forgot What I Said” below and pre-order it here ahead of its September 18 release.