Having recently made his inaugural outing on Brainfeeder with the Aphelion EP, British producer Ross From Friends (a.k.a Felix Clary Weatherall) has detailed his debut album on Flying Lotus’ label. 

We’re told that Family Portrait is characterized by a perpetual desire to experiment and Clary Weatherall’s obsessive attention to detail. It’s to showcase his ability to shift and evolve, “moving from the world of lo-fi to the world of FlyLo,” the label explains. 

The 12-track release is a culmination of almost two years of intense studio time, working 20 hour days, and often spending months perfecting just one aspect of a track. “I tried to be careful with every single sound,” Clary Weatherall explains, “Trying new things, making a bit more of an explosive sound.” The album also finds Felix recording his own voice for the first time, with the resulting tracks acting as snapshots of his personal life while recording. “Every time I went to make music the things which would really grab me are the emotional things, and while I’m in that place I felt I could really focus on the track. That was a massive part of this album, tapping into my emotions… into my emotional instability.”


01. Happy Birthday Nick

02. Thank God I’m A Lizard

03. Wear Me Down

04. The Knife

05. Project Cybersyn

06. Family Portrait

07. Pale Blue Dot

08. Back Into Space

09. Parallel Sequence

10. R.A.T.S.

11. Don’t Wake Dad 

12. The Beginning

Family Portrait will land on vinyl, CD and digitally via Brainfeeder on July 27, with “Project Cybersyn” streaming in full below—or here for EU readers, due to temporary GDPR restrictions.