RP Boo will release a new album on Planet Mu

I’ll Tell You What! is the Chicago footwork artist’s third album, following two LPs of archival material, namely 2013’s Legacy, and 2015’s Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints, both of which introduced broader audiences to his sonic history, some of it 15 years after it was first recorded to a four-track. Much of his work before that had been confined to small white labels and self-released mix tapes. This album marks the first time he’s released an album of contemporary material shortly after creating it. 

The title, a favorite maxim of his, welcomes listeners to sit down and let him narrate in the abstract fashion that he is known for. He explores familiar motifs, such as the cosmos, movement, and opposition, using densely interwoven vocals, percussion, and evil humming bass. 

We’re told that the main difference between this record and his prior work is now we hear Boo tell new stories about preaching his gospel outside of Chicago, from his experiences touring the globe over the last five years. 

It continues a busy year for Planet Mu, one that has included releases from DJ Taye, Anthoney J Hart (a.k.a East Man), µ-Ziq and more. 


01. No Body

02. Back From The Future

03. At War

04. Cloudy Back Yard

05. U-Don’t No

06. Earth’s Battle Dance

07. Work The Flow!

08. Bounty

09. Flight 1235 (ft. Phil & Crossfire)

10. U Belong 2 Me

11. Wicked’Bu

12. Deep Sole

I’ll Tell You What! LP is scheduled for July 6 release, with “Back From The Future” available to stream here