Photo: Marta Pina

RS Produções, a collective of artist friends founded in 2014, will release a new album on Príncipe.

RS Produções is made up of DJ-producer Nuno, DJs Nulo and Lima, plus producer Farucox and MC Pimenta. The founder, DJNarciso, who released an XLR8R podcast, himself DJs and produces, but he releases rarely and keeps a low profile. The group is based in Rinchoa, a short drive from Lisbon, and it’s known for tight, across the board grooves, working melody and metal beats with equal proficiency.

Sa​ú​de Em 1º Lugar is the group’s second release, following Bagdad Style, a collection of cuts made in 2018. That release featured only the core of Narciso and Nuno Beats, plus Narciso, but this new release features Farucox, adding more “oblique rhythms to the whole,” we’re told.

What we experience on the 13 tracks, plus interludes, is a “burst of energy,” we’re told. If not exactly extroverted, it communicates a commitment to the purest strain of batida and, for those able to detect hidden feelings, this music might convey some melancholic undertones.

DJ Narciso will be familiar to XLR8R fans because last year he contributed “Saudades,” a deep and moody track, to XLR8R+018 alongside DJ N*gga Fox, BLEID, and Serpente.

Artwork comes from Márcio Matos.


01. DJ Narciso “ORAÇÃO”
02. Farucox “TABA”
03. Nuno Beats “Tribal”
04. DJ Narciso “Semana Chata”
05. DJ Narciso x Nuno Beats “Mitsai”
06. Farucox “Sem Cabeça”
07. DJ Narciso x Nuno Beats “Texx”
08. DJ Narciso x Nuno Beats “Valentine’s Day 2K17”
10. Nuno Beats “PrinCIPES”
11. Nuno Beats “Bué de Bass” (acapella)
12. DJ Narciso “Bolor”
13. Farucox “ESFREGA [Ti Lito]”

Sa​ú​de Em 1º Lugar LP is scheduled for December 2 release. Meanwhile, you can stream DJ Narciso and Nuno Beats’ “Mitsai” in full below and pre-order here.