Photo | Riccardo Roman

R&S’ Apollo Records will present the new double long-player of Italian ambient musician Gigi Masin, titled Calypso.

Calypso is inspired by the mythical Greek island of Ogygia and its alleged real life counterpart, Gavdos, also known unofficially as Calypso, a place of extreme beauty, which upon visiting had a profound effect on Masin.

We’re told that the simplest way to describe Calypso’s sound is “Aegean,” meaning it takes you to the group of islands in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Greece. “Every track takes you directly and vividly there to timeless Greek beauty, glistening seas, picturesque landscapes, and the sun’s bright, balmy heat,” the label explains.

Masin made the album using the same old software as his previous work, “a simple, sort of a child-proof game from the mid ’90s or what experts call a ‘beta,'” he explains. “It’s a kind of mixer where you have to insert the music files as they are, naked and simply as recorded.”

Masin’s debut album, Wind, went under-appreciated on its release in 1986, but later gained a cult following among late night radio listeners. His 1989 joint LP for Sub Rosa with This Heat’s Charles Hayward, Les Nouvelles Musiques Du Chambre, took on a life of its own when his track “Clouds’”was sampled by Björk, Post Malone, To Rococo Rot, Main Attrakionz, Black Eyes Peas, and Nujabes, but Masin has remained in obscurity.

In 2014, Dutch label Music From Memory released Talk To The Sea, a retrospective covering the past 30 years of Masin’s output, marking the start of a wider recognition.

Since then, Masin has appeared on PAN as part of Lifted, and a series of singles followed on Throne of Blood, Dekmantel, and Light In The Attic. This is his first solo album since 2018’s Kite, a self-release.


A1. Calypso
A2. Bellamore
A3. Nefertiti
A4. If
B1. Anemone
B2. Khalifa Golf Club
B3. Mayo Slide
B4. Susan Maybe
C1. Amaranta
C2. Coraline
C3. How To Disappear In A Kiss
C4. Cry Winds Or Flames
D1. Enter Venus
D2. On Demons And Diamonds feat. Ben Vince
D3. The Water Sibyl
D4. Your Name Is My Infinite

Calypso LP lands on February 28. Meanwhile, you can stream the title-track below and pre-order the album here.