Renowned Dutch producer Orlando Voorn’s latest album, In My World, will land on Rush Hour Records in early 2016.

Rich in emotion and packed full of his abstract melodies and drums, In My World will be the fourth full-length offering from Voorn under his given name. According to Rush Hour, the release is “beautiful, suspended, rich in detail… it’s that high tech funk!,” and as you can hear from the soundcloud previews below, the description is bang on the money.

In My World is available for preorder now over at the Rush Hour store, with the tracklist and previews available below.

1. Turn Left Right Here
2. Space Age
3. Let Me Lead The Way
4. Goon Entire Kickless
5. Anti Political
6. At Last
7. Chicago By Night
8. Predator’s Cave
9. The Swamp
10. In My World
11. Lost In Heaven

1. Space Age
2. Let Me Lead The Way
3. Goon Entire Kickless
4. Anti Political
5. The Swamp
6. Predator’s Cave
7. Chicago By Night
8. Turn Left Right Here