Amsterdam-based label Rush Hour has a new compilation on the way—a collection of tracks from the ’70s and ’80s Surinamese funk and disco world.

Surinam Funk Force was put together by Rush Hour boss Antal alongside Thomas Gesthuizen, and is made up of “highly collectable and rare Surinam 45’s and LP cuts.” The label has been digging up the South American state’s funk scene for some time already:the compilation follows on from a 2012 release by its sister label Kindred Spirits called Surinam! Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dance Floors 76′ – 83′, while earlier this year Rush Hour also reissued Sumy‘s 1983 LP Trying To Survive. According to the label (which has a knack for digging up lost gems), the forthcoming compilation goes “even deeper into the field” of Surinamese funk.

Check out snippets from Surinam Funk Force at the Rush Hour store.

01. Steve Watson “Born To Boogie”
02. Jam Band 80 “Jammin'”
03. Sonny Khoeblal “Craziest”
04. Errol De La Fuente “Happiness”
05. Sumy “The Funky “G” (Only Comes At Night)”
06. Explosion “Wakka Mang”
07. Eddie Tailor “Love Dance”
08. Ronald Snijders “Kaseko Attack”
09. Astaria “Jamasa Roro”
10. Sound Track Orchestra and Silvy “Tirsa Song”