It’s been a good while since Glasgow’s beat-making wunderkind Rustie signed with electronic music giant Warp and dropped his first EP with the label. Now, word has finally come that the producer has finished work on his debut LP, Glass Swords. The 13-track album is scheduled for release on October 10, and is preceded by a teaser of the title track, which also opens Rustie’s forthcoming record. You can check that out, along with the artwork and tracklist for Glass Swords, below, and pre-order the album here.

1. Glass Swords
2. Flash Back
3. Surph
4. Hover Traps
5. City Star
6. Globes
7. Ultra Thizz
8. Death Mountain
9. Cry Flames
10. After Light
11. Ice Tunnels
12. All Nite
13. Crystal Echo