RVNG Intl.‘s Commend has announced the next release in its Commend See series, a limited-edition soundtrack to Lena Willikens and Sarah Szczesny’s Phantom Kino Ballett multimedia project.

Phantom Kino Ballett is an audiovisual drama that melds performance art with installation, soundtrack, and video—as the label states, “the work gathers and distributes sonic, optical, and experiential references widely and to delirious effect.” Commend hosted the hallucinogenic live scoring of Phantom Kino Ballett back in September of 2016 and will now present the score as a limited-edition vinyl and cassette release capturing alternate takes of the soundtrack. The cassette edition includes a 40-minute addendum called “Passage Transkript,” a soundscape created by Willikens and Szczesny inspired by their time in Kyoto, Japan in the fall of 2017.

All proceeds from the release will be donated to agisra e.V., a non-profit organization chosen by Willikens and Szczesny that advocates on behalf of migrant women and against sexual and racist violence.

The release will be available on September 19. The same night, RVNG and Commend will also present the latest live iteration of Phantom Kino Ballet at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York.