RVNG Intl. has compiled a collection of six long-form compositions and recordings from Baltra, Kate NV, Zach Cooper, You’re Me, C. Lavender, and Raica.

Inspired by Moogfest’s invitation to soundtrack a meditation space during their 2017 festival in Durham, North Carolina, the pieces will be housed in a three-cassette package screen printed by Keegan Mills Cooke and stitched by Hailey Desjardins—the release also features a poem of peace by NYC wordsmith Rafael Sanchez.

In response to the inequality proliferating from North Carolina’s policy-makers and taking into account the diverse backgrounds of the composers, RVNG will be donating all proceeds to the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

The cassette edition of Peaceful Protest is limited to 200 copies and will only be available at Moogfest 2017 and Commend. Alongside the announcement, RVNG has shared “KAK HOW,” a snippet of Moscow-based musician Kate NV’s contribution to Peaceful Protest, available to listen in the layer above, with Rafael Sanchez’s poem and the tracklisting below.

“But You are the state of humanity and prostrate before a lavender sky”

1. Baltra “Where Do We Go From Here”
2. Kate NV “УХО EAR”
3. Kate NV “ДУБ OAK”
4. Kate NV “KAK HOW”
5. Kate NV “ЖУК BUG”
6. Kate NV “ЗРЯ SEE”
7. Zach Cooper “The arts are the first to go.”
8. You’re Me w/ Jon Scherk “Live From Deep Blue”
9. C. Lavender “White Oleander”
10. C. Lavender “Delphic Oracle Enters The Chasm”
11. Raica “Stellar Remnant”