Photo | Elliot Lee Hazel

RY X and Frank Wiedemann will retunite as Howling to present Colure, their second full-length record.

On Colure, we’re told that the pair conjure “transcendent creations” out of their contrasting musical backgrounds and environments. The album is assuredly dualistic: electronic and acoustic sounds sit comfortably side-by-side, and big melodic hooks are laced into hypnotic club productions.

The album features “Phases,” a 2017 single release, and the delicate piano of “The Water,” the duo’s spin on the track of the same title from RY X’s Unfurl album.

RY X is a solo alternative artist and member of The Acid, and Wiedemann is one half of Âme on Innervisions. The duo marked their debut as Howling with the release of a self-titled track in 2012, which they followed with the 2015 album, Sacred Ground.


01. Ellipses I
02. Pieces
03. Bind
04. Healing
05. Dew
06. Need You Now
07. The Water
08. Light On
09. Phases
10. Mother Mother
11. Body Inside
11. Lover
12. Ellipses II

Colure LP is out July 24 on vinyl and digitally on Counter Records. Meanwhile, you can stream “Bind” below.