Ry Cuming, better known as RY X, will return with his sophomore album, Unfurl.

The 13-track effort follows the Australian singer-songwriter’s 2016 album debut, Dawn. We’re told that he now honours and expands on his vision with this second album.

Between its rippling beats, mellifluous guitars, poised piano, and questing vocals, Unfurl does what its title suggests: develops from Ry¬ís previous work, blossoming in delicate new directions while holding firm to its roots.  “I think my mission statement was simply to remain vulnerable and to capture that within this album,” says Ry. “The inspirations change each time, and I always want to allow that process to be free, to draw on new ideas and sounds and instrumentation. But what feels consistently important to me is keeping a sense of rawness and honesty in the work.”

Raised in the coastal community of Angourie, off Australia’s east coast, Cuming left home at 17 with a surfboard and a grunge obsession. Travelling to Costa Rica, Indonesia, Stockholm, London, Berlin, and Hollywood, he explored a passion for many forms of music, from Indian Ragas and African Jazz to the swells and tension of techno and more experimental electronic music, which led to two collaborations: one with Frank Wiedemann under the name Howling, the other with UK DJ Adam Freeland and California producer Steve Nalepa as The Acid. 


01. Body (Ambient)

02. Untold

03. Bound

04. Body Sun

05. YaYaYa

06. Coven

07. Hounds

08. Foreign Tides

09. The Water

10. Mallorca

11. To Know

12. Sun (Ambient)

13. Fumbling Prayer

Unfurl LP lands February 15 via Infectious, with “Bound” and “The Water” streaming below.