Ryan James Ford is set to release a new EP via SHUT, his own label.

The Canadian native was introduced to electronic music through the ’90s rave and club culture. He began to discover, study, and collect the music he heard at these parties which consisted of a mix of Jungle, UK hardcore, Techno, House, IDM, and ambient.

Although now predominantly a techno DJ and producer, Ryan’s sets and productions are rich with inspiration from his time spent living in Calgary where he had interests not only in electronic music but also in hip-hop, reggae, punk, experimental, and even metal. He began experimenting with production in the early 2000’s but it wasn’t until 2011, with a move to Berlin, that he started investigating his musical capabilities seriously. His productions soon found a home on Marcel Dettmann Records. 2015 saw him make his solo debut on the techno stalwart’s label with an atmospheric and ambient leaning techno EP. The five-tracker easily conveys the rich influence IDM has had on personality and his production style.

This latest four-track release follows last year’s debut on Answer Code Request and sees him return to SHUT, combining “his distinct blend of solid yet delicate techno with pulsating kicks, euphoric chords, and 90’s style breaks.”


01. Deer Run
02. Beltline
03. Salmo
04. Ken’s Defekt

Discipline 78-96 EP is scheduled for September 6 release, with “Salmo” exclusively streamable in full below.