Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto will release a new live album next month.

TWO captures the duo’s 2018 performance at Sydney Opera House, which saw them performing new improvised work and key collaborative compositions from their joint catalogue, which has now reached five albums, one major film score, and an EP.

Last year, the duo undertook a series of live events entitled TWO at Berlin’s Funkhaus, Barcelona’s Theatre Grec (closing Sonar Festival’s 25th Anniversary), London’s Barbican Centre, and Melbourne’s Hammer Hall, before culminating at Sydney Opera House, where their two-hour set was recorded and edited down, forming this album.

We’re told that “at points melodic, atmospheric, gently rhythmic, textural, and spatial, audio headspaces range from intimate and serene womb-like flotation, infinite fathoms of dark metaphysical expanse, and moments of devastatingly poignant beauty.”

Noton, the label adds: “At all times the album maintains a calm poise, and despite its improvised nature withholds an innate harmony and graceful order. Like two aural architects free-drawing, this is sound design for better living.”

The 15-track album is the duo’s first collaborative release since Glass, out last year.


01. Inosc
02. Propho
03. Trioon II (Live)
04. Scape I
05. Berlin (Live)
06. Scape II
07. Morning (Live)
08. Iano (Live)
09. Emspac
10. Kizuna (Live)
11. Gitrac
12. Monomom
13. Panois
14. Naono (Live)
15. The Revenant Theme (Live)

TWO LP is out on November 15 via Noton, with pre-order available here, and “The Revenant Theme (Live) streaming below.