Ryuichi Sakamoto has provided the score for Black Mirror episode “Smithereens.” 

The episode is about a disgruntled driver, played by Andrew Scott, who suffers a meltdown while working for a taxi company. Netflix describes it as this:“A cab driver with an agenda becomes the centre of attention on a day that rapidly spirals out of control.” It’s part of the Netflix show’s upcoming fifth series, which begins on June 5. The trailer is available below. 

The score will also be released as a 19-track record on digital and vinyl through Milan, the Los Angeles-based soundtrack label that also released put out Sakamoto’s async LP and its remix series. 

“Smithereens” airs on June 5, with the soundtrack following on June 7. Meanwhile, stream “this is my last day 2” below. 


01. Meditation 

02. Plot 

03. This Is My Last Day 

04. Hayley 

05. Prey 

06. Chain Smoking Addict 

07. Chase 

08. Reverse Surface 

09. Closing In 

10. Countdown 

11. Retreat 

12. Flashback 

13. Gun Is Real 

14. Shot 

15. Degrade 

16. Car Crash 

17. This Is My Last Day 2 

18. Memory Of A Single Moment 

19. Release