Photo: WeWantSounds

Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s third solo album, Hidari Ude No Yume, will be reissued by Paris’ WeWantSounds.

Hidari Ude No Yume, meaning Left-Handed Dream, was originally released in 1981 on Alfa Music. Sakamoto co-produced the record with British producer Robin Scott, hoping to create something pop-focused following his experimental 1978 album, Thousand Knives. Save for a small-scale Dutch vinyl release in 1981, this is the first time the album’s original Japanese edition will be available outside of Japan. The European release on Epic Records included significantly different tracks and mixes.

This edition has been newly remastered from the original tapes by renowned engineer Bernie Grundman. It comes with original artwork featuring a striking cover shot by photographer Masayoshi Sukita, sourced from the original negative. There’s also a four-page insert with a new introduction by journalist Anton Spice. The double-vinyl version includes a previously unreleased instrumental mix of the album.

Hidari Ude No Yume LP is scheduled for November 13 release on vinyl and CD. Meanwhile, you can stream “Venezia” in full below and pre-order here.


01. Boku No Kakera
02. Saru To Yuki To Gomi No Kodomo
03. Kacha Kucha Nee
04. The Garden Of Poppies
05. Relâché
06. Tell ‘Em To Me
07. Living In The Dark
08. Slat Dance
09. Venezia
10. Saru No Ie
11. Boku No Kakera (Inst Mix)
12. Saru To Yuki To Gomi No Kodomo (Inst Mix)
13. Kacha Kucha Nee (Inst Mix)
14. The Garden of Poppies (Inst Mix)
15. Relâché (Inst Mix)
16. Tell’Em To Me (Inst Mix)
17. Living In The Dark (Inst Mix)
18. Slat Dance (Inst Mix)
19. Venezia (Inst Mix)
20. Saru No Ie (Inst Mix)