A new 20th anniversary edition of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s BTTB, which stands for Back To The Basics, will be released on Milan Music on March 1, marking the first time the  album has been reissued since its original release. The reissue will be available on a deluxe double LP vinyl and CD.

A major commercial hit for the pioneering pianist, composer, and producer, the album is comprised entirely of original solo piano pieces, both delicate and frantic, with deep impressionist-inspired roots. 

Currently a rare and hard-to-find album outside of Japan, the special 20th Anniversary Edition of BTTB includes remastered versions of all the tracks featured in the original release of the album, including the popular “Energy Flow,” as well as linear notes by Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

Last year, Milan Music released Async Remodels on vinyl, which reimagined Sakamoto’s 2017 critically-acclaimed studio album async.

BTTB LP lands March 1.