Samuel Andre Madsen (a.k.a S.A.M.) will release a new album later this month, titled Retrospect One.

Only last year did the Copenhagen-based producer release his debut album, titled Dream State Of A Bellmaker, as the eighth release on his own label Delaphine. It follows a series of EPs, starting in 2007, that had seen him become widely known in the club scene for his classic and dubbed-out house cuts. He quickly proliferated into minimal, experimental, and ambient releases while keeping his signature sound in a soulful house niche.

This latest release will be landing digitally for the first time; Delaphine has historically been a vinyl-only imprint since its birth five years ago. The musical identity of the label has been infused from the beginning with a mixture of ambient sounds, field recordings, dub techno, and minimal.


01. Perucica
02. Sunday Morning
03. Don’t Confuse A Smile With Weakness
04. How Far From The Sun Are We Talking
05. Seasons
06. Beyond Synthesis Part 1
07. Beyond Synthesis Part 2
08. Transfiguration

Retrospect One is an eight-track album, scheduled to land on March 21, with “Don’t Confuse A Smile With Weakness” streaming in full below.