Alexander Kollman has released a new album as on Ruby Yacht.

Titled SAFARI AL FORNITES AT THE SCALLOPS HOTEL: The First Orange Tree Has Been Planted in my Room, the album follows last year’s self-released LP, I Steel Of Radiance, I Feel So Action, and’s last album on Ruby Yacht, Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day, released in 2017.

The 11-track album is almost entirely produced by Rory Allen Philip Ferreira, who also releases as Scallops Hotel and R.A.P. Ferreira, with additional production by TV Nicks (a.k.a Kyle Johnson) on tracks one, four, six, and eight. Much of the work on it was completed in Brooklyn, New York during the close of 2019, but it was finished during a series of sessions at the Soulfolks HQ in Biddeford, Maine. Like many of the releases across Ruby Yacht, renowned engineer Daddy Kev mastered the work in Los Angeles at his Cosmic Zoo studio., from Wisconsin, has been releasing records for close to a decade, launching his debut LP, Hermitage Academy, in 2012, and since releasing over 10 solo albums and working collaboratively on numerous projects. As one of the co-founders of the Ruby Yacht, he has become a critical member behind the inner workings of the label, managing releases, designing artwork, heading the Soulfolks shop, shipping packages, and much more.


01. Anger
02. Just a matter of GRIN
03. Habits
04. Tiki Bar
06. My Secret
07. The Great Seeker
08. Butterfly Net
09. Seed of Faith (Orange Tree)
10. SomeThings from the Lips
11. K.O.A.D. (Knock On The Door)

SAFARI AL FORNITES AT THE SCALLOPS HOTEL: The First Orange Tree Has Been Planted in my Room LP is available digitally now. You can order here, where you can also listen to the record in full.

Artwork | Pete Kollman