Giegling landed a top spot in XLR8R‘s roundup of last year’s best imprints, but its sister label Forum has maintained a lower profile, with only three releases out in as many years. Next month, however, that number will rise to four, with newcomer Sa Pa supplying Forum’s latest full-length. Little information has been shared as of yet, but album clips (available here via Clone) reveal atmospheric, minimal techno abstractions and dubby textures.

Fuubutsushi lands in August 2015, and its complete tracklist can be viewed below. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Deya Navigation
02. Russolo
03. Steppenwolf
04. Adelaide
05. Boss Walks
06. Womb
07. Tegularius
08. Cagean Cramps
09. Pessel
10. Underwater Rock Walk
11. Epiphanic