Photograph: Dirk Müggenburg

Sa Pa will release his new album via Mana Records.

The 12-track album, titled In A Landscape, follows on from Sa Pa’s album debut, 2015’s 風物詩 [Fuubutsushi], out via Giegling sub-label Forum. It’s said to provide “rich content for fantasy and the fertile imagination, establishing a terrain of visual, poetic, and abstract sound that draws on techno and dub ambient.”

Described as “somewhere between pastoral impressionism and cyber-noir,” the music “evokes the tensions of a fluctuating, fizzing atmosphere, pictures emerging and dissolving in the mind’s eye.” It’s made with thick layers of field recording, some salvaged from a recorder lost in Bassiani during the police raid last year and recovered in January.

Very little is is known on Sa Pa, or the motivations behind his work. You can find only two releases from him on Discogs, one the aforementioned album, the other a solitary outing on Marcel Dettmann Records in 2015. The only other original material he’s shared has come out via his “Enter Sa Pa” mix made only of his own music and field recordings, and also as part of Marcel Dettmann’s “Rauch” mix for Ostgut Ton’s ambient sub-label, A-TON. You can also hear some new material from him in his XLR8R podcast, released earlier this year, and streaming below.

In terms of music, Sa Pa’s work is rooted in lush dub techno and serene atmospherics. Like all the artists on Giegling, it’s elegant and powerful, and possessive of a raw emotion that seems so symbolic of the Weimar crew.

Artwork is by Matthew Kent and Gustavo Eandi.

Mana is a British record label established in 2017 by Andrea Zarza, curator at the British Library Sound Archive, and Matthew Kent.


01. Ripsketch
02. Gokotto
03. Melody Hop
04. Recovery
05. Rose Bay
06. Slow Walk
07. Room With A View
08. Futurist Meets Cubist
09. Fireworks
10. Hallucingentic
11. Féerie
12. Deepwater Reprise

In A Landscape LP lands October 4 digitally, and late October on vinyl. Meanwhile, “Ripsketch” streaming in full over at Bandcamp HERE, and in the podcast below.

'In a Landscape' LP is out October 4.