Berlin-based Italian collective Gang of Ducks (who we profiled earlier this year as part of our Get Familiar series) will introduce a new member into the fold this January in the form of Turin-based visual artist Sabla. Described as “one of the heads who’s always been close to the Gang,” the otherwise-anonymous producer initiated the project following a performance of A Great Symphony for Torino from Kode9, DVA, and the Club to Club festival, and the forthcoming Spirits EP marks Sabla’s first official release. On offer throughout the six-track EP are “field recordings, ethnic samples, and machine sounds” that show a producer “committed to the study of hypnotic sounds and polyrhythms.” The EP also features title track remixes from G.O.D. and Ital (a.k.a. Daniel Martin-McCormick), whose contribution falls “between house and techno, perfect to crash the dancefloor during peak time.”

Spirits is officially due out on January 26, and the EP’s artwork and tracklist can be found below. (via Juno Plus)

A1. Di lei
A2. Spirits
A3. J-iii
B1. Control Room
B2. Spirits (G.O.D. rework)
B3. Spirits (Ital rework)