The enraged and articulate poet/musician/record label owner/political and social activist, Sage Francis, is doing what he’s done best throughout his 10 year career–taking his passion and vigor to the mic to raise awareness through music. This time, it’s because of the arrests that took place at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN last month. The event hit close to home when Francis’ friend, Jared Paul, a social worker and community organizer from Sage’s home of Providence, RI, was arrested while walking from one event to another during the convention.

Sage Francis has recorded a new song, “Conspiracy To Riot,” and is giving it away here to raise funds to offset Paul’s legal expenses. The website will also provide updates on this situation, others like it, and provide a forum for people to share stories of their own. On the track, Sage proclaims, “They want to corrupt me, they try to corrupt me. This ain’t no swan song, this is for the ugly ducklings of my country!” and touches on his sentiments for the treatment of journalists and bystanders at the RNC, the present political administration, the current economic crisis, religion, health insurance, privatization, civilian rights, and a variety of injustices in his true infuriated protest-hop form.