Apparently there are infinite ways to interpret the tracks on Sally Shapiro‘s debut album Disco Romance. The Swedish dance-pop princess has announced a June 17 release date for Remix Romance Vol. 2, which will follow the April release of Vol. 1.

“It’s kind of mad to release two remix albums, but I hope that people will agree with us that it was a good thing to do,” says John Agebjörn, who wrote and produced the tracks on the original album. “Sally’s voice seems to interest a lot of musicians to work with.”

Said musicians for Vol. 2 include Dntel, Spitzer, Solvent, the Russian Futurists, Agebjörn himself, and others. According to a press release, there were so many excellent remixes it was impossible to narrow the best down to a single release.

Vol. 3, anyone?

1. Time to Let Go (CFCF Remix)
2. I Know (SLL Remix)
3. Find My Ghost (Dntel Remix)
4. Skating in the Moonshine (Solvent Remix)
5. I’ll Be By Your Side (Russian Futurists Remix)
6. Time to Let Go (Spitzer Remix)
7. Anorak Christmas (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
8. Hold Me So Tight (Dyylan Remix)
9. Find My Soul (Johan Agebjörn’s Norwegian Electrojazz Mix)
10. Jackie Jackie (Dyylan’s Subzero Nocturne)